Jazz Sabbath

“We F**kin’ Love Jazz Sabbath! It’s a really clever idea with great musicianship and Adam’s sense of humor is stamped all over it. His piano playing and arrangements are superb and we 100% support Adam and the Guys” – Ozzy Osbourne


1.5M – Media Plays Across All Platforms

Top Album Chart Positions – Volume 2 (Released in 2022)

#6 – on Billboard Jazz Album Charts

#5 – on Billboard Traditional Jazz Albums Chart

#1 – iTunes Jazz Charts in the USA

#1 – iTunes Jazz Charts in the UK

#1 – iTunes Jazz Charts in Canada

Top Album Chart Positions – Volume 1 (Released in 2020)

#14 Official Jazz & Blues Album Chart

#25 Billboard Jazz Album Chart

#1 iTunes Jazz Chart (Canada)

#3 iTunes Jazz Chart (USA)

#4 – iTunes Jazz Chart (UK)

Artist Bio

A jazz trio from the UK that plays (instrumental) jazz interpretations of Black Sabbath songs. Helmed by pianist Adam Wakeman (Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne’s solo band since 2004), Jazz Sabbath explores the boundaries between jazz and the songs that defined heavy metal. Echoing already present jazz riffs and discovering new ones; extending the original song’s length in the process.

Presenting themselves as a jazz trio formed in 1968 and being the original writers of the tracks, later made famous by Black Sabbath, their self-titled debut album (2020), met with critical acclaim from both jazz and rock critics. A limited mono edition of the album was released through Record Store Day later that year, selling out in one day.

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