Rocky In Concert

An Unforgettable LIVE Concert Experience Celebrating
One Of The Most Iconic Films Of All Time

The Show

Rocky In Concert celebrates the 45th anniversary of this classic franchise and will encourage audiences to cheer on the underdog Rocky as Bill Conti’s legendary scored “Gonna Fly Now” is performed LIVE.

The entire Rocky Movie Series (Rocky 1-6) is now available in concert.

See and hear the iconic music of the Rocky film series with larger-than-life screens and a live orchestra.

The emotional journey of Rocky from underdog to champion to his fight in Russia to the finale “Rocky Balboa”, the Rocky Series is a can’t miss for your upcoming season

The perfect multi-year series for Indoor and Outdoor Concert Series and beyond.


MGM’s Rocky and Creed films have generated more than $1.3 billion in worldwide box-office sales, three Academy Awards®, and 10 nominations.

The iconic franchise, produced by Chartoff Winkler Productions, has remained a global phenom because it presents audiences with universally relatable themes that they can identify with—ambition, passion, determination and giving it your all to win, even when the odds are against you.

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