Nyk Hauer

Head of Marketing

Not keen on drawing a lot of attention to herself, here are 10 facts Nyk Hauer would like you to know!

  1. Prefers the name Nyk. (Yes, she has hippie parents. No, you may not call her Nikki.)
  2. Avid baseball fan.
  3. Went to a fancy school back East and studied Music Production and Engineering.
  4. Favorite color is green.
  5. Put her expensive education into practice by running live sound in Nashville, TN before deciding to shift gears and get into Talent Management.
  6. Mom of two, wife of one.
  7. A recognized expert in the Entertainment industry as a top Tour Marketing Executive promoting talent and live events. She is passionate about creating new and inventive initiatives for clients to expand their brand recognition.
  8. Loves the blues, classic rock, and jazz. Has been known to get carried away with a good podcast.
  9. Bakes in free time.
  10. Over the last 20 years, has built a robust knowledge in tactical marketing, event management, charitable activation, and sponsor and media relations.

And one for more for good measure….

  1. Analytical, insightful, and highly disciplined problem solver. Your stereotypical Enneagram Type 1!