The Sugar Hill Gang


Grammy Hall of Fame Award – “Rapper’s Delight”

“Rapper’s Delight” was the first rap single to become a top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold more than 14M copies

4x – Top 10 Hits

5x – Top 40 Hits

1.4M – monthly listeners on Spotify

Juno Award – International Single of The Year

Notable Venues

Artist Bio

The Sugar Hill Gang, known as the first nationally popular African American hip-hop group, comprised three members: Mike Wright (Wonder Mike), Henry Jackson (Big Bank Hank), and Guy O’ Brien (Master Gee), all from Englewood, New Jersey.  The group is best known for its 1979 hit single, “Rapper’s Delight,” which was also the first hip hop single to rank in the top 40 hits and to become part of a multi-platinum selling album. Rapper’s Delight is also credited with popularizing hip hop as a new musical genre.

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