Day After Day Productions (DADP)

Longtime agent and industry veteran Seth Shomes relaunched Day After Day Productions (DADP) in April 2021.

DADP operated independently through 2014 until Shomes joined The Agency Group – and then UTA through that acquisition – and opened the first-ever dedicated Casino Divisions at each agency.

“I’m calling it Day After Day Productions 2.0,” Shomes says with a laugh. “That was a great 18-year run and now it is time for the second chapter.”

Now, as then, Shomes and his team will focus on connecting clients with opportunities across the entire industry and all types of venues. And, with five “Agent Of The Year” awards under his belt at the Casino Entertainment Awards in Las Vegas, there will be a continued expertise in casino and soft ticket bookings for DADP’s roster.

“I love the culture we have created at DADP of great people doing great things for our clients,” says Shomes. “We advocate passionately for our artists and managers and we couldn’t be happier that our clients have seen the benefit of our hard work.