Day After Day Productions (DADP)

Longtime agent and industry veteran Seth Shomes relaunched Day After Day Productions (DADP) in April 2021 and partnered with Yucaipa Investments in 2022.

In its initial iteration, DADP operated independently from 1996 through 2014 until Shomes joined The Agency Group – and then UTA through that acquisition – where he opened the first-ever dedicated Casino Division at each agency and was subsequently honored with five “Agent Of The Year” trophies at the Casino Entertainment Awards in Las Vegas.

In addition, since re-opening, DADP has received consecutive “Independent Booking Agency Of The Year (Global)” nominations from Pollstar (2022 & 2023) as well as a nomination from Pollstar for founder Seth Shomes for the “Bobby Brooks Agent Of The Year Award” in 2023.

With an innovative approach and uncanny attention to detail, Shomes has made certain that DADP’s priorities remain clear in servicing their clients in the most committed way possible. There will be a continued expertise in casino, fair, festival, and other soft ticket bookings for DADP’s roster, with an added focus on booking hard ticket shows, PAC’s and Theaters.

With an incredible upward trajectory in a short amount of time, DADP has garnered attention as a powerhouse in booking a diverse client roster and is proud of its stellar reputation throughout all facets of the entertainment industry.

Since Day 1, the goal has stayed the same throughout both versions of DADP: Providing and uncovering the best opportunities for their clients across a variety of venues, and doing so in a way that proves hard work and relationships still matter.