Tape Face

Direct From Las Vegas and America’s Got Talent

“As he reaches into his bag of tricks, you never know what will emerge. It might be a tape measure; it might be a hair dryer; it might be a fly swatter. Most times you will not see the punchline until the very last second, but when it hits you, it hits hard.” – Las Vegas Magazine – Tape Face’s Harrah’s residency

The Act

Sometimes actions speak louder than words!

TAPE FACE is a totally unique London-based silent comedian who has been on the comedy circuit for years and become a viral sensation thanks to his appearance on America’s Got Talent. His audition video and show performances now have over 47 million views making it one of the most viewed America’s Got Talent videos ever.

The Show

Every once in a while, something magical reminds us that we all have an inner child that must be fed. Through simple, clever, and charming humor aimed at satisfying that hunger, Tape Face has created one of the most accessible and enjoyable shows the world has ever seen.

Mime with noise, stand-up with no talking, drama with no acting. Tape Face has to be seen to be believed.

So what does he do exactly? Well, simply mentioning any aspect of this diverse show would be a disservice – the less you know the more you will enjoy this show.

Tape Face is a character with universal appeal. Delightful, wry, many-layered and hilarious, he transcends the barriers of language and culture. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream and ultimately end up like Tape Face – lost for words!

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