Alan Rogozin

General Manager

With a history of building highly effective teams, Alan Rogozin joins Day After Day Productions (DADP) as its General Manager.  An avid proponent of servant leadership and positive sum games, Alan brings with him the experience of running national/international teams servicing the contracting and data governance of a global agency.  He is excited to shift his attention now towards the needs of an independent agency to help take it to the next level.

Alan’s passion for live music began in high school when a friend of his invited him to a local show he was playing.  From that first exposure to the local music scene, Alan was hooked, took up learning bass guitar, and started his own band.  While the band only lasted a few years, it was his first foray into the entertainment industry, leading him to become a member of street teams for Warner Bros Records and Roadrunner Records, and booking local all-ages shows in his hometown including some smaller touring artists (one of which played his wedding!).

The path to Alan’s current role has been an unusual one.  After initially pursuing Electrical Engineering at The Cooper Union, he made a hard left turn and ended up at The College of Staten Island to complete a Bachelor of Science in Music, with a focus on Music Technology.  In parallel with his college career, Alan began working with more of the business side of the music industry, which inspired him to acquire an MBA in Music Management at William Paterson University.  There he took a particular interest in Entertainment Law and the mathematical nuances of live booking deals, which led to his joining the mailroom at The Agency Group (TAG).

During Alan’s time with TAG, and later United Talent Agency (UTA) after TAG’s eventual acquisition, he assisted agents in Electronic, Indie Rock, Hard Rock/Metal, and the festival group, before switching gears and transitioning to the admin/executive side.  There he managed large teams, first for their Music Central Contracting Services group which serviced all their Music agents and clients, followed by their Business Intelligence/Data Governance team, which serviced the data needs of hundreds of agents and their clients across most of the company’s departments.

As an autistic individual, Alan provides a unique perspective and ability to understand and support complex systems in out of the box ways.  In an industry driven by relationships and connectivity between artists, agents, buyers, audiences, and more, having deep knowledge and comprehension of these connections allows Alan to identify opportunities for systematic improvements and process efficiencies, resulting in increased productivity and greater satisfaction for those he works with.

Outside of work, Alan spends way too much time playing heavily narrative-driven video games (especially JRPGs), reading about technology, fighting for equality, promoting the importance of mental health, going on cruises, watching the stock market roller-coaster, and spending time with his wife and three cats.

Some Favorite Artists:  Armor For Sleep, Billy Talent, Sum 41, The Ataris, Bullet For My Valentine, Yellowcard, Madina Lake, Hands Like Houses, Bring Me The Horizon, Muse, Thirty Seconds To Mars, HIM, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, The All-American Rejects, Within Temptation, Something Corporate, Bowling For Soup, The Matches, Papa Roach, Green Day

Alan Rogozin