Erin Patterson

Director of Tour Marketing

A graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, Erin is now the Director of Tour Marketing at DADP. Erin lives in Nashville and takes every opportunity to experience the energetic live music scene which sparked her interest and enthusiasm for live events and entertainment. She always remains inspired by those waking up every day and chasing their dreams and believes Nashville has provided her a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the midst of the vibrant music industry.

As a former collegiate soccer player, Erin continues to be passionate about fitness which has led her to teach fitness classes on the weekends and be a regular at the nearest Orange Theory Fitness. In her free time, she is a regular co-host on The World We Live In Podcast with her older brother, Eric. 

Erin has been known to eat tacos at least three times a week, is on a first name basis at the coffee shop across from her apartment, will most likely know all of the lyrics to any country song, and is a classic Enneagram Type 8.